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Shanghai property mortgage-free operation to handle the Raiders reading

Shanghai property mortgage-free operation to handle the Raiders reading
Shanghai property mortgage loans refer to loans to himself or a third party's property as collateral to get loans from banks and other financial institutions in a way. This kind of loans due to high collateral materials, can quickly access to credit at the Bank, and the loan amount is determined by property values rising special is that, compared to other unsecured loans or collateral and property mortgage rates are typically much lower, access to credit success rate is higher. In the ever-changing market place, high success rate, low interest rates, shorter audit cycle, the process simple property lending is very suitable for a loan. Shanghai property collateral-free loans are also permitted, but quite different from operational processes and have the certificate, then do any Shanghai property mortgage is free?
property loan outside of business turnover, in fact can also be used for consumer credit. Such as two couples worked hard all my life, finally bought a house full, no money after buying a house renovation, buying a car. This happens in the everyday life of everyone to my cottage. Previously we had to borrow from relatives and friends, borrowing money, however, easily lead to conflict. If so, than select the title deed loan, though it may have to pay some interest, but for relatives and friends, and is very well worth it.
property certificate of property loans mortgage loans and other mortgage loans or mortgages in most familiar not too much worse. The following just give you a brief overview of the basic processes of property loans:
1) get the full information, including ID cards and Hukou, marriage certificates, certificate, purchase contract or invoice. Suggest that you provide documentation loans as much as possible, such loan approval process will be faster, loans and more.
2) personal accounts of banks in the past six months water bill
3) to banks for loans, to fill out loan applications. Credit is generally more than 5000 Yuan, and property value of 70%. According to the Central Bank increased the benchmark loan interest rate a certain percentage. Loan terms are generally not more than 5 years, special circumstances can be extended up to 10 years. General amount of principal and interest repayment, equal principal in two ways. Former early repayment pressure is low, which late repayment pressure is low, the borrower can choose according to their flexibility.
4) Bank examination application information will call to verify the borrower's information.
5) Bank loan, the borrower and the bank clerk visiting the Bureau of registration of mortgage.
6) to obtain warrants, loans

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