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Want to buy a House loan, Provident Fund is 150 yuan per month credit number?

Provident Fund points 2 species, a is municipal, a is country tube, to you loan 20 for cases,
If is municipal, generally deposit proportion is 12%, wage =150/12%=1250, deduction 400 of life cost, highest months for cannot over 850, if you is first sets, Provident Fund loan interest rate for 4.9%, each million Yuan 20 corresponds to of repayment amount for 65.44, so up loan 850/65.44 take whole for 120,000!
If is country tube words, Do not see Provident Fund deposit, proof of income, just earn enough to twice times the monthly payment on the line, pipe loose, as long as proof of income could be exploited, can put out, the maximum amount to 800,000, rating AA92, rating AAA104, 90 flat below the highest appraised value 80%, 90 per cent of valuation price 70%!

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