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Advantages and disadvantages analysis of two kinds of mortgage loans

Mortgages are very popular, but when the mortgages, is needed for full property of the houses without any loans to individuals before they can operate. Collateral can be its own property, or are relatives or property.
has its own advantages and disadvantages of real estate mortgage loans
advantage: has its own real estate borrowers, making more flexible mortgage loan, loan amount, flexible length can according to their own circumstances. In addition, for borrowers with mortgage per capita for himself, in providing material processing are also more convenient for them.
weakness: personal mortgage loan with ordinary loans, higher interest rates, floating around 10%-20%, so the test which the repayment ability of the borrower.
using others property handle mortgage loan of advantages and disadvantages
advantage: using others property as mortgage real loan of advantage is, even borrowing people name no property but borrowing people if has repayment capacity, also can using relatives or friends name of property as mortgage real, premise is mortgage people to issued agreed mortgage statement material, and to while meet mortgage people age in 65 age within party can handle.
weakness: the disadvantage of using other people's property as collateral loans, before lending at the Bank, if the mortgagor wishes changed or cause borrowers to get loans so that borrowers ' interests suffered a loss. In addition, the age limit mortgage demand, generally not more than 65 years, final mortgage lending and mortgage people age, age of adequacy of mortgage borrowers are related, be sure to consult before the borrower as collateral after loans.

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