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Housing transactions in the three major contracts

First contract
If it was through an intermediary agency contract to buy a House, the Agency normally does not allow you to directly see real people, they will worry that you cross him, direct and real people to reach an agreement. Therefore, the Agency will make you sign a contract with him.

the second contract the sale contract on this contract, buyers have to sign a closer houses the original who, how big is the area of housing, housing price is how much costs to settle the problem. For the seller, and cheapest way is to sign up for a relatively detailed contract, signed up in all rules, to avoid disputes.
third a contract Bank loan mortgage contract
If buy second-hand when not one-time paid on have signed Bank loan mortgage contract
this contract involves sold room people, buy room people, sold room people of loan Bank, buy room people of loan Bank, also can again added three party, sold room people of loan bank specified of insurance company, buy room people of loan bank specified of insurance company, also has intermediary company, this loan behavior may involves seven party, so compared complex. In that case, for consumers, to signed a detailed contract, ask a lawyer.

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