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Different from true micro-credit companies

Online loan scams, frauds posing as regular micro-loan company loan has become the first trick. It captures the consumers need money, and the lack of awareness of self protection for financial services knowledge and understanding of the weaknesses, was repeatedly deceived by those in urgent need of money customers, that formal microfinance companies and false what is the difference between micro-credit companies?
a small loan company, false Web sites, claiming that "unsecured unsecured", "layout date of the national loan", to entice consumers to pay fees in advance. But it remains informal loans company loans without collateral and guarantees, and the so-called national business is impossible, local access to micro-credit company is quite strict and the long-distance business.
II, false small-loan company hung out larger loans, lower interest rates and do not require any collateral and guarantees, just put your ID number, name, address and telephone number in the past, approved the same day loans. And formal microfinance companies in loan approval time of most value or asset quality, or requires warranty, completely unsecured unsecured loans too risky, almost impossible to approve of it.
three, small loan company does not give false customer lending requirements before interest charges, deposits or other fees, once gone contact succeeded. And formal microfinance companies are usually in a note to clients after the lender will charge fees.
1. loans to companies located in the face, and requirements for loan payment must be more vigilant.
2. don't hold "pie in the sky" to luck, considered unsecured loans without collateral are real thought with simple materials such as ID cards, account of the loan, thus vulnerable to Crooks road.
3. remember, formal microfinance company on the borrower's materials, collateral, qualification and other audit is fairly strict, so do not think that a simple, relaxed you can get away with it.

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