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Size property housing what is the difference between

property certificate of the State that the definition of "property", States without property right certificate, it is called "small property". "House property", "rural property" there are two: one is built in the collective-owned construction land, or "Homestead" house built on, belongs to the owner of the rural collective, not able to purchase outside the village; the other is in the collective-owned enterprises land or land of illegal construction.
"property rights" compared to the difference between the
and real estate in General, "House property" no land transfer concept, no developer crazy profit grab, so "House property" price is only 1/3 in the same area housing prices even lower. "Cheap" is a large number of urban residents against property risks "House property" the root cause. Description a considerable number of farmers themselves have no capacity-building in order to build their own houses sell part of the property. Built his own House as a fund-raising. Although currently there are no warrants, there are still quite a few urban residents and outsiders have purchased a small property. Buy cheap houses and inhabit them, but also to a large extent helped farmers solve housing funding problems.
in buying a property under construction, home buyers and developers after signing the contract and delivering the Housing Fund, if relevant property of sector consolidation and rural construction projects, may have led to some of the projects that the construction was even forced demolition. As a result can only be a buyers looking for developers to request a mortgage, buyers could face lack of access to housing, and cannot recover in time with an awkward situation. In addition, home buyers if the country after demolition, due to legal ownership of the property without State approval, buyers are not legitimate owners, so it may not be able to receive compensation for property, as actual users of the resulting compensation compared with equity compensation is minimal.

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