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Shanghai mortgage interest is? what?

Shanghai Bank mortgage loan bank real estate mortgage (the most common is that of the individual consumption loans), interest is stipulated by the Central Bank annual interest (usually float 10%), loan 15-20.
Shanghai Bank property mortgage loan application material:
(1) property
(2) right people and the spouse of ID
(3) right people and the spouse of account this
(4) right people of marriage proved (marriage certificate or Civil Affairs Bureau issued of unmarried proved)
(5) income proved and near half loan people of income water listing
(6) as property right people has minor children, please provides was born card
(7) As property within also has Bank loan, please provides original loan contract and the last a period of Bank on account single
(8) for improve loan through rate, please as more of provides family other property proved, (as another at property card, and stock, and Fund, and cash passbook, and vehicles driving card and so on)
Shanghai Bank property mortgage loan conditions requirements housing of years in 20 years within; housing of area to is greater than 60 square meters; housing assessment price to over 1 million, you of loan lines at least 500,000 above, And the need to have a spare room. Addition compared important of is you of personal credit records to good, family income to reached Bank of requirements (simple of said to has enough of repayment capacity
Shanghai Bank property mortgage loan steps: borrowing people proposed application, submitted related material; for property assessment, loan Qian survey, and approval; approval through, handle registration procedures; issued loan, borrowing people by contract regular returned loan principal and interest; loan paid off, withdrawal off its mortgage procedures.

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