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Apply for unsecured loans and mortgages in Shanghai differences, advantages and disadvantages

Mortgages in Shanghai: the Shanghai real estate mortgages, Shanghai Auto mortgage, there are companies building mortgage, land mortgage, equipment and so on, behind these possible mortgage companies and agencies can do. Not all said! Most common of is property mortgage loan and car mortgage loan, detailed following:
Shanghai property mortgage loan: must to in Shanghai of property, area is greater than 50 square meters, prices to in 1 million above, property within cannot has civil of mortgage, Bank of loan no relationship!
Shanghai mortgage consumption loan years of interest General is 8% around! average months interest 0.66% around!
Shanghai car mortgage loan also points two species: scrapping and not scrapping loan
Shanghai scrapping loan: Car to mortgage lenders, cheapest Shanghai not mortgaged a car mortgage, 3.5% about
: car make a mortgage registration, fitted with GPS can drive away, when lenders

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