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Shanghai property mortgage loans to individuals, professional mortgage

If you want to mortgage loan for any consumer purpose, please select:

size of individual consumption loans high loan amounts to meet various consumer needs.
car, decoration, travel, study, consumption, and so on, as you choose.
much more convenient can be recycled, hop by hop, wanted to use it.
money-saving ultra low interest rates.

all need to apply for a personal loan customers buying, decorating, traveling, studying ... ... Various uses of your choice! Loan amount without limit, 20 years long term, meet your demand! Turn your property into a cash machine, enjoy!
duration: maximum percentage of 20
70% Max
your loan successfully, only three steps!
first step: submitted application
second step: Bank approval
third step: drawing consumption
you need prepared of loan application information
1. ID, and marriage proved
2. property
3. address proved "at least any selected one":
water, and electric, and gas, and phone or real tube, costs Bill
4. income proved "at least any selected one":
wage proved/Bank water/income tax tax/ Social security records or other proof of income
5. proves that provides the appropriate transaction documents

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