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Want to apply for unsecured loans in Shanghai, but I have no credit history can apply?

credit in the Bank loan process is a very important consideration, many users unable to get loans because of no credit history. So should I do it with no credit history? If you can apply for a loan? We analyze now.
some banks accept no credit history customers applying for loans
according to experts, if you have steady jobs in Shanghai (non self-employed persons), and wages are issued through bank cards, happy at Citibank you can consider applying for loans, salary credit salary credit or elite to appropriate letter.
If you are in Shanghai have to purchase a home, there is a steady source of income (employees or self-employed), you can bid for Societe Generale Bank, Societe Generale works.

If you are a civil servant, public institutions and official employees of the State-owned monopoly, is stable. Then you can consider applying for accessibility of the Huaxia Bank Gold, Bank of Ningbo of white-collar work, not only do not need credit records, interest rate discounts.

consider mortgages, under normal circumstances, if your mortgage is very good quality, mortgage rate remains high (such as 50%), banks may accept no credit history of the customer.

immediately begin to establish credit history
regardless of whether you belong to the above, recommended immediately to the Bank to apply for a credit card, start using and regular payment. After a month or two, you will have a credit history. The case of late payments as long as you don't appear, your credit record will not have any impact on your loan.


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